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Tanzanite Price – What Do You Need to Know (2020 Updated)

Tanzanite Quick Buying Guide.

A classical and elegant gemstone is Tanzanite. It’s relatively modern as well and as such, has not many other gemstones ‘ long and glamorous stories. Nevertheless, it soon became esteemed and admired stone.

Tanzanite is one of the world’s rare gemstones. It is currently approximately 1000 times rarer than diamonds! Nonetheless, it is a pretty precious stone. It is an excellent complement to any set of jewelry. In this blog, we will look at the Tanzanite price, what to see when shopping, and how to take care of your stone.

A Brief History

In 1967 Tanzanite was found at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in the Mererani region. Tanzanite has a close toughness to emeralds as the Country of its origin by Tiffany & Co. Experts agree that Tanzanites are unlikely to double the geological conditions of any other part of the planet. If this source is mined thoroughly, collectors lose the opportunity to buy Tanzanite on the primary market. Also, high-quality Tanzanite price is just around $750 a carat, which is 3 carats or more extensive. Highest quality Tanzanite price can exceed $1000 per carat in specific western countries.

In the near future, there are a variety of factors that can affect Tanzanite prices. China’s recent market penetration and growing demand for Tanzanite is a heavy favorite in that region. Much will focus on recovering from the most significant market, the US.

Tanzanite is one of the stones directly impacted by the rise in the emerging markets in China and elsewhere. The very highest quality stones will still retain their worth and have stable, rising prices.


Tanzanite is the name of the precious blue-violet mineral, the zoisite, of the group of epidotes. The gem was found first in Tanzania in 1967 and named after the famous New York gemman, Louis Comfort Tiffany, it’s country of origin, Tanzania.

How is Tanzanite Created?

Tanzanite comes from Southeastern Africa, Tanzania. It was found only at the foot of Mt Kilimandjaro, in an area which was only 2 km long and 7 km wide. In the last 2000 years, it has been called the most beautiful stone! 

Tanzanite consists of a zoisite rock. It is speculated that during the intense heat and tectonic pressure created by Mt Kilimanjaro, rough tanzanites were formed. Tanzanites have been estimated to end in the next few decades, so it is known as a’ generation gemstone.’ Tanzanites are a’ geological phenomenon,’ and the chances of another mine found are about 1 million to one.

Indeed, it will be the last generation shoppers to buy a Tanzanite from the primary market.

Tanzanite Clarity

The more beautiful the stone is the higher its beauty and quality. Like every gemstone, the inclusions are what to look for. Visible inclusions with tanzanite occur as small defects in the rock. No visible inclusions are rendered in the most suitable stone. 

Whether or not the stone is eye-clean is determined by the clarity of tanzanite. It means that the gem considered flawless when no inclusions are visible to the naked eye. Pure, free stones for inclusion are less popular and often more costly.

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Tanzanite Price

What is the Tanzanite price ? Acknowledging the trade show rates, online shoppers, jewelers, and Tanzanian mines themselves, the current price pattern for good grade stones of 3 to 5-carat weight stands at between $700 and $1000 per carat. The higher-quality gem can even reach $1300 per carat.

As the Tanzanian government attempts to stop trafficking in the mining region and the world, the price of high-quality Tanzanite has increased. The army has built an entire mining area wall for this purpose. They ‘re going to try to get all trades in the mines through a government office. Most of the gems were hidden and mostly shipped to India. With disruption of normal methods we expect the tanzanite price to continue to climb.

Tanzanite Price Chart

0 to 2 carats$500 to $800$400 to $300$200 to $150150$ to $100$100 to $50
2 to 4 carats$600 to $1400$500 to $1200$400 to $1000$300 to $850$200 to $100
4 to 6 carats$700 to $1300$600 to $1100$500 to $900$400 to $750$300 to $150
**Prices might change according to location and seller asking price

Tanzanite Color

Tanzanite has three colors in its natural form that make it trichroic. These are red, purple and blue colours. Once tanzanite is heated, whether underground or in a stove, it becomes dichroic; this means that the colors of the gemstone show at the same time.

It is interesting to note that it is one of only two dichroic gemstones. Both are blue and purple shades.

Which Color to Choose

Most people think the most attractive is the dark-blue tanzanite. Often they can be significantly more expensive than violet dominant. But the gap is not very good at retail prices.

Dark blue tanzanite is likely to be more expensive due to its similarity with the most costly gem, sapphire. Nonetheless, whatever the size of your stone, all Tanzanite will have both violet and black, at least a small amount.

Saturation is an important thing to consider when shopping for the perfect tanzanite. This term refers to your stone’s color brightness. A very low contrast stone with a slight tint of colour will be almost black. With a sharp contrast, the stone has a rich and vivid colour.

The bigger the stone, the more painted or saturated it is. Smaller stones have a lower contrast of a more pastel hue.

Tanzanite is often saturated right in the center to lead to a higher level of saturation. It is totally up to you whether you have selected a more substantial, darker stone or a smaller, lighter stone. Just as the stone has a lightweight color and may not be brighter, this means it is somewhat more natural than a darker rock.

tanzanite price is related to quality and color
Tanzanite price is related to the quality and color of the stone.

Making a Decision 

Tanzanite is a gem of choice for rings, necklaces, earrings, and armbands. The choice of the right jewelry piece for you mainly depends on your way of life. First of all, you must consider these few choices:

Taking Care of Tanzanite

You may choose to clean your tanzanite two ways: take it to a jeweler or clean it yourself. It is essential to meet the jeweler if you want to place your gem in the care of a gemstone and ask questions to ensure that you can trust their expertise. Walk away if you are unsure about the trust of the jeweler of your investment.

The next step is to clean it yourself. Before you begin cleaning, you must note that tanzanite is a rare and fragile stone that can easily crack or break. Warm, soapy water can also be used for your Tanzanite cleaning.


Your style of tanzanite depends on the way you live and the way you want to wear your jewelry. You can choose some primary earrings for a more active lifestyle. You may move towards a bracelet or necklace for an elegant statement piece. A ring is an excellent choice if you’re looking for engagement rings or a romantic one. The more complicated the item design, the higher the cost.


Tanzanite costs can easily increase quickly as your tastes become more complex. The first step in buying tanzanite is to find out how much you are willing to spend. It gives you great directions to keep it affordable when you shop.

Metal and Diamonds:

Usually, It an excellent combination to mix sterling silver or white gold with tanzanite. Such metal colors complement Tanzanite’s vivid blue and purple hue.

Tanzanite, like Sapphire, is often combined with diamonds.

Where to Shop

Tanzanite can be purchased online and in stores. Online shopping helps you to discover the whole world of tanzanite gems and can often give you great deals and low prices. Shopping in stores is an excellent because an item can be touched and held before it is bought. Until buying, you should take a close look at the jewelry piece to get a feel for the sparkling colors.

In Store – In Person

You will be able to browse various pieces in person, try them, closely watch them, and see what works best for you. Some gemstones fit with multiple pieces of Tanzanite, but the range that can be found online isn’t available.

It would be a smart idea to browse in person and online. You can thus try out certain types of jewelry, perhaps using a different stone and then buy it online with tanzanite once you have an idea of what you want and what suits your lifestyle best.


The easiest way to shop is likely online shopping. A sizeable online market will also be provided by many through jewelry stores. On their Tanzanite online websites, shops such as Weldorf, Tiffany&co, and Zales deliver a variety of choices. Amazon and eBay can also be found with fantastic pieces. The prices on these platforms may be minimal, but you may not be guaranteed to purchase from a licensed jeweler.

You can search online for pieces that suit your requirements according to your clear guidelines, such as the design, the pattern, and the price. And finding an optimal piece with minimal effort on your part is a little easier.

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