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Diamond vs Moissanite. Which One to Buy?

When it comes to rings, diamonds seem to be the default choice. Why these stones so favorably are not hard to see. It is robust, beautiful, classy, and prestigious. However, it is not a viable option for all to purchase a diamond engagement ring. If you want the diamond look for whatever cause, but not the diamond itself, you’ll want to see a diamond simulant instead. Moissanite is the most common of the many simulators available on the market. In terms of appearance and durability, it is very similar to diamonds, and this stone turns to an ever more number of pairs. It brings us to the question: Should I purchase my engagement ring a diamond or moissanite? Let’s explore in-depth how moissanite stacks diamonds.

What Are Diamonds?

Over millions of years, natural diamonds are created. It’s composed of coal, under extreme pressure and heat, diamonds are formed and raised to the surface by vigorous geological activities. Diamonds are not unique in any way, as many people believe. Although every gem quality stone is uncommon, it is safe to say that diamonds are amongst the most common. It is found around the world and is quite plentiful.

Engagement Ring with Diamond
Engagement Ring with Real Diamond Center.

What Are Moissanites?

Natural moissanite diamond is unusual. Diamonds come from deep inside the planet, but natural moissanite diamond comes from outside meteorites. There are tiny and inadequate quantities of natural moissanite found on earth to manufacture jewelry. It’s very costly as well. Consequently, all moissanite diamond on the market today is produced in the laboratory.

Diamond vs. Moissanite Price

Diamonds are pretty costly stones as far as the price is concerned. Due to social pressure and media influence, most young couples are willing to spend up to two months’ salary on their ring. When a fast search was done online according to, the average cost of a 1-carat loose diamond was up $ 4300. Moissanite of comparable shape and size can cost up to 82% less than a diamond; only about $550 is 1-carat moissanite. Regardless of your point of view, moissanite is obviously a more reasonable and practical option.

Golden Engagement Ring with Diamond or moissanite.
Golden Engagement Ring with Diamond or moissanite.


Diamonds and moissanite look so similar that the majority can not differentiate the two. But experts often need special equipment to distinguish between them. The beauty and sparkle of a diamond are best known. The stone has a high index (reflecting the refractive angle) of 2.42. The heat, scintillation, and illumination of the diamond are unmatchable when expertly cut. Moissanite has an index of refraction lower than diamonds (2,65) and brilliance and flame higher than diamonds. We seem, however, to have a “rainbow” effect, which is particularly evident in natural light and bigger rocks. While some love the colored moissanite flashes, others think it looks’ fake’ for the stone. It is better to take smaller stones to prevent this, and before buying, to display the moissanite from different lights. The bigger the stone, the easier the diamonds to differentiate between them.

comapre moissanite diamond
Diamond vs Moissanite. Which One to Buy? 5


Diamonds are undoubtedly one of the most challenging natural substances in the world. It ranks highest on the Mohs hardness scale at 10. Moissanite, however, is not too far away at 9.25. It is the second hardest gemstone for jewelry, and more complicated than other common gemstones like Ruby (9), Saphire (Mohs 9), and Emerald (7.5–8). It is also recognized by many. Scratch-resistant diamonds and moissanite require minimal maintenance to keep them moist. They are perfect gemstones for everyday use.

Ethical Awareness and Compliance

Although diamonds are fabulous, they are hugely described by movies like the “Diamond Blood” movie. Mines of diamonds cause massive destruction of the climate. More than 1 ton of earth is estimated for each carat of diamond mined. Mining often contributes to erosion and deforestation. Mines are places that are lonely, stubborn, sad. However, the consideration of poor working conditions, violations of human rights, and the chances of your diamond being a dispute or blood diamond are also present. The adaptation of the Kimbrel process makes avoiding unethical diamonds much easier these days. The ethical and environmental problems of moissanite are almost negligible because Moissanites are made in laboratories. The money and healthful working conditions were minimally expended. Moissanite is a moral choice too.

Diamonds are not unique in any way, as many people believe. Although every gem quality stone is uncommon, it is safe to say that diamonds are amongst the most common. It is found around the world and is quite plentiful.

All moissanite and diamonds have their advantages and disadvantages. The shopper is responsible for deciding which pier is best suited for them. We come to our last step. Do you know that diamonds went out of fashion before de Beers diamond campaigns in the late 1930s? But the current diamond picture as the perfect symbol of commitment was created by smart marketing strategies. A diamond became the best friend of the girl, and a man needed to spend a two-month salary to buy it. These thoughts became usual, and diamonds now are equated with richness, fame, class, and love. 

A Moissanite can not, at least in the foreseeable future, gain the social status that diamonds possess. Many people call a moissanite a’ fake’ stone, only a copycat diamond. 

In the end, it is a matter of personal choice and beliefs that we choose whether to buy a diamond or moissanite so I leave it for the shopper to choose.

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